Welcome to the Farm!

Crow Valley Farm, owned and operated by the Bockius Family in Hopkinton, NH, offers Christmas trees and Maple Syrup. 

While Greg Bockius began farming trees and sugaring in the 80's (on the very same property), it wasn't until 6 years ago with his wife and daughter that he was able to become serious about his passion for farming.

We sell maple syrup out of our barn store in Hopkinton seven days a week and one Sunday per month at SoWa Boston farmer's market.  You can also find our syrup at Rusty's General Store for Animals in Contoocook.  

As for our Christmas trees, each year Greg plants anywhere from 100 to 1000 seedlings and sometimes saplings. While a typical tree takes 10 years to fully mature, Greg has been planting for the past 30 years, so we have trees at all different stages of growth.  

We look forward to seeing you!


The Bockius Family

Greg, Lane, Amelia and Buck(wild)