Crow Valley Farm Pure Maple Syrup


            SoWa Sundays are back!

            Visit us at the Farmer's Market at 500 Harrison Ave. in Boston

            on the following dates; 

               May 21st~June 25th~July 23rd~August 27th~September 17th~October 1st

           Our syrup is available year-round, 7 days a week in our barn store

              Open 8am-6pm

          Cash and checks only please

                                                                accepting credit cards during Maple Weekend, Christmas

                                                                                                           Tree season and at SoWa Boston market


                   Plastic Bottles

                   Gallon                       $55.00 

                   1/2 Gallon                 $32.00

                   Quart                        $20.00

                    Pint                          $10.00

                   1/2 Pint                       $6.00

                    3.4 oz.                        $3.00


               Glass Bottles

                    200 ml Glass Bottle   $10.00



               Short sleeve tees     $15.00

               Long sleeve tees       $20.00

               Beanies                     $20.00

               Hoodies                     $30.00





*We currently have Amber Rich Taste and Dark Robust Taste bottled and ready for purchase

*If you'd like a large order, please give us a few weeks notice.  If you'd like us to package your syrup in a container  that we do not currently have in our store, we'd be happy to provide you with photos of containers to choose from.


* Our syrup can also be found at the following fine establishments: 

 Rusty's General Store for Animals and one Sunday per month at SoWa Boston market