Meet Crow Valley


Our Farm's History

Greg Bockius began farming Christmas trees and sugaring in the 1980's, but it wasn't until he bought his childhood home in 2010, that he was able to become serious about his passion for farming.

Our maple syrup is 100% pure and single source, meaning that we do not buy syrup from other sugarmakers to combine with ours in order to fulfill large orders.

We are part of the NH Seal of Quality program, which entails a thorough inspection of our facility, operation, packaging materials and final product once per year by the NH Dept. of Agriculture.

We sell maple syrup and maple candy out of our barn store in Hopkinton seven days a week.

We also have syrup in bulk, ready to fill orders for corporate gifts, weddings and restaurants.

Call us at (603) 224-7520,
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As for our Christmas trees, each year Greg plants anywhere from 100 to 1000 seedlings. While a typical tree takes approximately 10 years to fully mature, Greg has been planting for the past 30 years, so you'll find trees at all different stages of growth.

Cut-Your-Own Christmas Trees

We grow Balsam Fir and White Spruce trees.

All trees are $50 each.

2022 DATES:

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